• Bungie Reach Forgetacular Contest

      "Calling all Community Cartographers!

      Bungie's Forgetacular contest is now officially underway! Put your skills to the test, utilizing the Forge -- Halo: Reach's powerful, in-game map editor -- to earn a rightful place among the greatest Community Cartographers of all time and win one of seven Limited Edition Halo: Reach Xbox 360 consoles. Further, any and all awesome maps that meet the Bungie quality bar will be slated for integration into Xbox LIVE Matchmaking for millions of players to enjoy.

      With the imminent release of the Noble Team Map Pack our job is wrapping up but yours has only just begun. It?s time to roll up your sleeves, fire up the Forge, and help shape the future of Halo: Reach?s online experience. Whether you fancy a coordinated game of Invasion or a frantic game of Infection, there's a Forgetacular catgeory for you. Design your own custom multiplayer map specially built for one of seven specific gametypes and submit it to us by following the guidelines and requirements outlined in the official rules below.

      You have the tools. You have the technology. Now, do you have what it takes to construct an amazing map ready to be played by millions of Halo: Reach fans? There?s only one way to find out. The deadline for submission is already coming in hot. You have until November 28th, 2010 to create your masterpiece. Move like you got a purpose!

      Seven Halo: Reach Limited Edition Xbox 360 Consoles are up for grabs! (Note: Wireless Headset Not Included)

      Let's face it - Forge is a very powerful yet woefully under-documented feature in Reach. Visualizing a sweet map is only part of the equation, you'll still need to abide by some specific parameters to make your maps play properly for a specific gametype.

      There are currently two different articles availalbe on Bungie.net that could serve as useful resources in your quest for Forge Fame:

      * Cable's Forge Required Objects Guide
      * Forge Invasion Guide

      You'll also find a wealth of information out there in the Reach and Forge community though, this being a contest, you may find help a bit less forthcoming than usual.

      Now for the official rules and details.

      Please read very closely and pay careful attention. You're only eligible to win if you meet the criteria below and follow the specified requirements for submission.

      Good luck and happy Forging!


      You must read these Official Rules before entering the Bungie Forgetacular Contest (the "Promotion"). All entrants (?Entrants?) agree to be bound by these Bungie Forgetacular Contest Official Rules (the ?Official Rules?).

      No purchase necessary. The Promotion is void where any aspect of the Promotion is prohibited by law or where registration, bonding or translation is required.

      Bungie is hosting the Bungie 2010 Forgetacular Contest where Entrants will have an opportunity to build and submit Halo: Reach Forge World maps in one of seven distinct categories. The winner of each category will take home a brand new Limited Edition Halo: Reach Xbox 360 console in addition to the fame that comes from winning and with potentially having their winning creation added to matchmaking for millions of players to experience.

      Each category represents a specific game-type and has specified requirements to be eligible:

      * INVASION (?INV? )? A custom map that is built specifically for the Spartan vs. Elite ?Invasion? game-types. The map must be optimized for 12 players (6 vs. 6) and support both ?Invasion Slayer? and a 3-tiered ?Invasion (Objective)? variants.
      * RACE (?RACE?) ? A map that is designed to support Race and/or Rocket Race game-types. The map must be designed to work with 8 to 12 total players.
      * INFECTION (?INFECT?) ? Map specially designed to support Infection and Safe Havens game-types for 8 to 16 players.
      * BIG TEAM BATTLE (?BTB?) ? A larger map designed to support 16 players. Must support Slayer/Team Slayer at a minimum.
      * TEAM SLAYER (?TS?) - A map that?s expertly designed for 4 vs. 4 Team Slayer competitive play.
      * SYMMETRICAL ARENA (?SYMM?) ? A symmetrical arena designed primarily for Slayer and Team Slayer for up to 8 players (4 vs. 4 / 8-player FFA).
      * CAPTURE THE FLAG (?CTF?) ? Designed to support 1-Flag or 2-Flag games, symmetrical or a-symmetrical layout. 4 vs. 4.

      How to Participate/Eligibility

      Starting at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT), October 14, 2010, and continuing through 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT), November 28, 2010 (the ?Promotion Period?), create a custom Halo: Reach Forge World map for one of the seven categories and save all films, screenshots and digital files to your Bungie.net file share. All files should be grouped into a corresponding ?Set? on Bungie.net, and the map and files should be tagged ?CONTEST-XXX? where ?XXX? is the game-type it was designed for. For example, ?CONTEST-INV? or ?CONTEST-CTF? or ?CONTEST-TS.?

      Entrants must also send an email to [email protected] that includes: your real name (i) your gamer-tag; (ii) your Bungie.net profile name; (iii) a valid contact email address for you; and (iv) a link to your files on Bungie.net. The subject of the email should be "Forgetacular-XXX" where "XXX" represents the category the entrants map is being submitted for and matches the file share set name/tag. (i.e. "CTF", "SYMM", etc..) No entries will be accepted after the end of the Promotion Period.

      Entrant must also supply a valid email address as part of the registration process and such other identification information as is requested. Entrant must have a valid Xbox LIVE account and a valid Halo: Reach file share for the duration of the Promotion Period. Each Entrant must be an individual who is a legal resident of the United States and at least 17 years of age. If the Entrant is not at least the age of majority in his or her jurisdiction of residence for the duration of the Promotion Period, by entering the Entrant represents that his or her parent or legal guardian have agreed to the entry and have read and agreed to these Official Rules. Entrants must be in good standing with Sponsor, the Reach community and Xbox Live, as determined in Sponsor?s and its designees? sole discretion. Sponsor, in its sole discretion, shall determine the eligibility of Entrants (including within a category) and the time of entry.

      Entries must adhere to the following requirements:

      * Entries must provide a hyperlink to Entrant?s submission files in their Halo: Reach/Bungie.net file share;
      * Entries must be original (e.g., no remakes or rip-offs) and exclusively created and owned by the Entrant, and Entrant must have all rights necessary to submit the entry;
      * Entries must specify for which one of the seven distinct categories it was submitted. Entries may not be submitted for more than one category, although Sponsor reserves the right to judge entry in a category other than the one specified by Entrant.
      * Entries (including all corresponding file(s)) must be available in the Entrant?s Halo: Reach file share at time of submission and remain there through 12/6/10. Entries: (i) must include at least 3 screenshots; (ii) must include at least 1 saved film that demonstrates the specified game-type being played correctly on the map; and (iii) create a ?set? on Bungie.net to group all related files together.
      * Entries must not, in the sole discretion of the Sponsor, contain any -blam!-ly explicit, profane, disparaging, libelous or other inappropriate content; and
      * Entries must not, in the sole discretion of Sponsor, contain any commercial content that promotes any product or service.

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