• H4 - Multi-Player Clips - New Flag Carrier Trait!

      Hey long lost readers. Were back with some H4 updates. The good news is the feeling of Halo 2/3 is back in terms of jumping moving and game play. Obviously it is not 100% halo 3 but it is far enough from Reach for us to comment on the matter. (Hopefually 343 has learned from Reach's EPIC fail). There have been lots of videos coming out onto the interwebs showing halo 4's multi-player. The BR is back and I must say I am very happy with how I see it working in gameplay. I recently ran into this video online, for you CTF fans you will see the new "flag carrier" ability the first time through for those people who never pick up the flag *shame on you* you might have to watch it twice.

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