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  1. they show up but if you click on the media link it doesn't lead tot he media forum
  2. They do showup, though what browser are you using? Also, the Halo: Reach link is like that because there is nothing to link it to
  3. the links that showup when you hover over forums on the top bar are not working :s neither does the Halo: REACH link
  4. actually its better now. haha
  5. Can you send me a link to the white on white textbars?
  6. sweet, I suppose you know about the white on white options for all the textbars? haha
  7. I'll just be updating all the errors that would generally turn people away The theme will look the same, though will be much more functional.
  8. Are you gonna be maing the new theme?
  9. Thanks, I knew about the promoting threads, I jsut didn't know the news feed was attached to the News forum.
  10. News on the frontpage is attached by promoting the thread to an article. This can be done by clicking "Promote to Article" under the thread you made.
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