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  1. thanks so much bro
  2. I changed the channel.
  3. Okay I finished it, looks businessy. The size should work because I copied the sizing from zoxin. YouT background Tell me if you need anymore art.
  4. ****REMINDER*** haha and thanks alot for doing this, I tried and my size failed. . . epically.
  5. I hate doing youtube backgrounds because the size never works, but I guess I can. Just remind me today.
  6. we really need your help. Can you make a background for a youtube page?
    HaloTech official YT page
    If you can, make it look something like this worth subscribe on the side and on the other. Pleeeeaaaasse.

  7. yep..............
  8. good, err, you did skins for site huh?
  9. Good you?.....
  10. How goes thee?
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