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    Hey fellas,

    We won't just return online again without some sort of explication, who the hell do we look like? Playstation?

    Anyway, our servers kinda failed hard with a very very unexpected power outage. Apparently all didn't work out with the backup when it all went down so regardless we were offline. Though all is well ...

    Tactics - Programming
    Air Force Hero ? Design
    BigStack ? Usability
    DeUcE - Forum Icons

    HT5 is going to be one of the nicest, sleekest templates released yet for HaloTech. Including even more JavaScript to get those small, but very neat features running on the site and about time ? we have brought back ranks. The most exciting things we brought back are the stupidest things, but what could be better?
    We apologize (really, we don?t) for the delay of our TechTalk podcast ? Is there really any Tech?
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    Hey Halo fans, here is another post offering a video regarding Forge options for Halo: Reach. As person who loves nothing more than a custom map and a sick game type to enjoy on those Friday nights I was more than thrilled to watch this video - I hope you will be too.
    Forge World is more than just a map...it's a blank, Forerunner-themed canvas with unlimited creative potential.
    Get the HD version in our Download Section
    Forge was a big part of Halo 3, letting players create their own maps for multiplayer play. But it wasn't perfect, so for the upcoming Halo Reach, the developers at Bungie are reinventing the editor, crafting what's been dubbed Forge World. Forge World was revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con. It takes place in a massive open world, far bigger than even the biggest maps from any previous game. It consists of numerous regions, from wide open areas to tight indoor scenes. There's mountains, beaches, rocks, and even a small island offshore. In short, it's a big space to play in with lots of variety. But arguably just as impressive and important as the scope is the way Forge World lets players place objects. There are three different modes for placing objects: normal, fixed, and phased. In normal mode, objects will act just as they did in Halo 3, dropping to the ground and reacting in a realistic fashion. In fixed mode, objects can be left suspended in the air, allowing players to create structures in the sky. Phased mode allows players to actually merge objects together to create something new. Given some of the incredible creations that came out of the original Forge, it's hard not to get excited about seeing what players will be able to do with the new tools offered in Forge World. You can get an early glimpse of the editor in action in this short Bungie documentary.
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    Article Preview

    Yup, I said it. A Halo: Reach Xbox 360.
    Don't miss the sneak peak of the unboxing of not only this Xbox, but the Legendary/Limited Edition in this thread!

    Download in 720p in our Downloads Section

    PRE-ORDER: $399.99

    Custom Paint - Xbox 360 S
    Custom Paint - Two Xbox 360 controllers
    Custom Paint -
    by Published on 07-22-2010 12:41 AM

    As a late note, I hope everyone enjoyed the orgasmic ownage of the new possibilities of the .CO TLD offered for $29.99/yr @ GoDaddy. So far, close to 300,000 domains have been registered! I know BigStack and I got off to a good start Tuesday night purchasing some unique domains, hopefully, we will get around to using them. (hehehe).

    However, if ...
    by Published on 07-07-2010 04:25 PM
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    Throughout Bungie Day, you are allowed to get your flame on! Simply go to your Armor Settings and set your body as "BUNGIE" to unlock flames. Be aware, this is only for the 7th day of the 7th month! Bungie will put out the flames tomorrow.

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    Here it is, Kinect! Kinect, known as code name Project Natal, will be released in November! It's safe to assume Microsoft is getting their monies worth of revenue this year with the just released Xbox 360 S and soon Kinect with all the games that will have to offer.

    My view with Kinect will be the same as my response to the Wii. You will notice Kinect's Pre-Order games are based on sports and other small activites to get
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    Yup, Microsoft announced at the E3 Press conference Monday about the new Xbox 360. From the research I've done, It seems no unique name was giving to this console, though I guess it's safe to assume that the console would be called Xbox 360 Slim. This new Xbox 360 console will be quieter, smaller, and thinner than the Xbox 360.

    Black > White > Black

    If you noticed, because I have, the new Xbox 360 went back to its original color, black.

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    (Legendary Edition)
    Ok, so news does not get up here everyday. So, I decided to post up an interesting article about Halo: Reach's three editions which you can pre-order for Sep. 1st.

    Standard Edition:

    Comes with game and will cost you your normal price. - For Noobs

    Limited Edition:

    Here we get a littler fancier starting at 79.99 USD with a special "ONI Black Box" packaging. It includes unique armor Elite for in-game and an "artifact bag" containing Halo-themed documents for those whom ...