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    Who is un charge of HaloTech's public relations?

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    I don't think we have one and if we do they should be fired.

    + People who do events in multiple communities can't be trusted, trust me on that one, lool. They totally forget about the other communities but their own. We need cool HaloTech people, who will dedicate time.

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    I know we used to, then the podcast ended and eventually everyone left. That was also when moderators were actually needed. I agree that it shouldn't be someone who's running their own community or very involved in another community, but it should still be someone who "get's around" so to speak.

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    I vote Deuce or Milk. Both have the humor that drags people in (me included). Very hilarious

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    I'm all for someone steeping up and organizing events. I am very busy with other work ok on something for HT. It involves Halo Reach

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    Can i? I advertise HUD all the time without being banned, warned or contacted by a Staff of were i advertise! Besides, i would like to become active on HT so this is my best to help out.

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