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    I sure hope they do, Or you might have to improvise somehow >] I would glady help HT anyway I can possibly can just give me the Order sir.

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    Default This is who I am

    Hello Im GC Demonic aka HG Zephireis and or Loneonepheolix a active HaloTech member since 08. I originally Found Halotech searching my Halo3 stats when I was only a H3 rank 30. God at that rank I thought I was beast LOL! but anyway I am siked to hear 343 coming out with the New halo combat evolved I feel that these new games will spark back up the HaloTech Fire and more new members will come back to enjoy the the Competitive feeling of being number 1 in stats

    This is how halo should be.

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    IDK if 343 will have an API for stats. But in the Mean time its overhaul time for HT... Need people who want to help. And I have some unique ideas up my sleeve.

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