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    Unhappy Halo: Anniversary multiplayer Sadly NOT HALO 1

    Halo Anniversary adding up to FAIL??


    A total of six multiplayer maps from Halo: Combat Evolved will be playable in Halo: Reach's online multiplayer along with a retooled campaign level for Firefight mode. Halo: CE Anniversary will not support Xbox Live multiplayer whatsoever (outside of co-op). These maps are for loading into Halo: Reach (think: ODST), according to comments made by 343 Industries' Frank O'Connor on Spike TV. He also said it will be a budget-priced game.

    O' Connor has said that Anniversary's multiplayer component, while employing the Reach engine, will still be playable on the Anniversary disc itself. The game will also include a voucher to download the maps for play within Halo: Reach.

    My Response:
    Massive fail in my opinion. What it should have been is Halo:CE with updated graphics, online multiplayer, and THAT'S IT! But it looks like they took the easy road and just made a map pack for halo reach. (If Reach isn't Bad enough) So its reach with halo:ce maps. Very very disappointing. What a shame.

    I am recommending everyone to go over to the official Halo Waypoint / 343 forums and sign this petition to have them make Halo:CE with online multiplayer

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    Wow. This is shockingly bad. What a complete disappointment. If there is any one thing at all, just one, that I and legions of Halo: CE fans wanted out of a remake it was the ability to finally play Halo: CE's legendary multiplayer over Xbox Live with friends. This is so patently obvious that I just can't understand its omission. Halo: CE is loved chiefly for its multiplayer and you "remake" it without one? Why would you neuter it like that? I'm stunned.
    Instead we get seven Reach multiplayer maps!? I adore Halo: CE and can hardly tolerate Reach anymore for all of the "progress" it's made to the series. The Reach maps literally aren't worth a dollar to me. So you give me a campaign I've played through twenty times with prettier graphics and you expect me to pay $40 while you leave out the main course? It's like taking your girl to a four-star restaurant and ordering crackers. What were you thinking 343?

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    Well They let us down...

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    You didn't just shit in my soup... you shit all over my freakin life! I was so anxious for this to be a full on CE multiplayer! WHAT THE HELL 343!! NOT A GOOD FREAKIN START!

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    halo ce never had muliplayer anyway it was lan or pc servers

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    I used a software on my computer called Xbox connect, which is still being used today. You could start the app on your computer hooked to the same network as the Xbox, the software would connect the signal of a LAN connection to any game lobby you would join on the computer. eventually they integrated clan support and community chat lobbies. it was extremely popular for the time, multiple thousands of players were online even at obscure times of day (4 AM)

    We played it a lot (a few of my friends and i) we mastered the halo 1 multiplayer as we master the current and upcoming halo titles. it has affected our lives so drastically that we has such a predominate opinion on it. I genuinely believe i would not be as into video games as much as as competitively as i am today if it were not for the satisfaction that came with double melee'ing an opponent to death and them saying "omg what the freakin heck did you just do that was amazingly crazy" "teach me!!"

    It may not have had multiplayer integrated by the producers... but the users is what made it as amazing as it was for me. so i have a very passionated opinion of it...

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    The good old days of halo on XBC it was a blast

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