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    Default So I was looking through my saved threads on BNET and I found this.

    Apparently I first ventured over to Halotech sometime early 2008, not 2009 like I originally though.

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    Yep, I found Halotech through a few articles.

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    Here at HaloTech, we get around.

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    I found halotech august 2008 Idk why I was here I think it was for the signatures but I stuck around and became now one of the oldies :}

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    I am are new to the forum and wanted to introduce myself .. I decided to enroll after a while 'I was reading the forum and all the good advice ..approaching the summer and I decided to get back a bit 'in the form .. I do sports (tennis and running) and I always tend to control what I eat, with ups and downs! I then discuss some interesting 'tricks and tips for proper nutrition ..I guess we will be fine!Good afternoon everyone!

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