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    I've been around here at Halo Tech for quite a few years. It wasn't until this past year I actually created an account. Back in the day most of my time was spent on Facility B5D, or helping build I checked in from time to time to see how everyone here and at BWO was doing. I couldn't help but notice that Halo forum sites are becoming a lot less popular. The sites I had grown to become a huge part of during the days of Halo 3, are no longer even up. I moved on and became a journalist for Hope Unto Dawn, activity at HUD has completely halted. I'm seeing the same happen here. Real7alk is at a dead end, and the only website I see even remotely active is BWO. Of course there are a few others that are a part of that are semi-active but, this is pretty under the water. I'm starting this thread in high-hopes that we can start brain-storming together as a whole to gather ideas for ways to pull more people into Halo Tech, or to start posting again. If an admin or moderator feels that this brain-storming thread/suggestion is not an appropriate approach or feels that since I am not a member of Tech staff and it should be removed or re-posted by a staff member; I cannot blame you. These words may or may not be more powerful from an admin, or you just may not like my idea. Either way, I know a lot of you indirectly from when B5D was still a powerful site, and I have no doubt that you are all smart enough to see the point I am trying to make. I have a lot of experience in the forum field as staff of other successful sites, and will do as much as I can to pull try to pull some much-needed traffic to HT. I feel HT is more professional than any other at the moment and has the greatest potential. Mostly because we have such a wide variety of talents among us. If you could, please post your ideas below. I may or may not be able to act on them because I am not an admin. If the idea is good, I trust one of you who view this thread find it helpful and act on it.

    In the mean time, I've created a Facebook page because I couldn't find one. Images and such could be done by AFH (if you don't mind, bud). It's something that is almost a must in today's social networking. I'll gladly hand over admin rights to the Facebook page to the actual admins if you want. If there is already a Facebook page, let me know and I'll remove the one I created.

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    That was the main reason i was hired, to try and revive halotech. . I know bigstack was working on a new site for general gaming but im not sure how much progress was made with that if you got any ideas pm me and id be happy to give you a staff position so we can further discuss them.

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    PM sent.

    I wasn't aware of the general gaming site. Can't wait to here about it. What was the last you heard?

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    We are thinking about giving this site a new life aswell. Tactics is working on a new skin / layout for the site. We want to release something for when Halo 1 Remake comes out. We are thinking of starting the podcast back up and also a upgrade to our half broken stats system. If you are interested in helping let me know.

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    I'm highly interested in helping out. I've sent bansky a PM explaining my personal plans (which require some of my own money in the future). I'll forward the PM to you. The new skin will help primarily because new visitors will be able to tell that we are keeping up to date. As of now it looks like we're still playing Halo 3 and haven't updated to Reach. Podcast are always a good thing, I'd be glad to be a part of them, and I have a studio recording mic that I could use. The stat system may be difficult to fix, I would wait until we get CEA just because it's something that can pretty stressful and can wait. But, it's up to you. Like I said, I'll PM you the message I sent to bansky with a few ideas I had. Thanks for the opportunity, bud.

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    I'm happy to be part of them, and I have a micro study that could be used. The system of statistics can be difficult to correct that CEA wait until we get something just because it can be very stressful and can be expected. But go ahead. As I said, I PM you the message I sent to Banksy with some ideas I had. Thanks for the opportunity, my friend.

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