*&Warning you might need new pants after reading the following **

343i has been hard at work on an update for Halo: Reach both to bring new experiences to fans as well as address longstanding feedback from the community. The most noticeable change in the works? The return of the wicked, deadly and wildly fun ?Halo: Combat Evolved? Magnum pistol to ?Halo: Anniversary? and ?Halo: Reach? multiplayer gameplay. An addition that will be supported in special, classic playlists, the original Magnum pistol is sure to rekindle some of the madness and carnage players reveled in a decade ago.

In addition, the update, which is targeted for release in October, will introduce several multiplayer fixes for ?Halo: Reach? fans have been clamoring for. Armor Lock now absorbs a level of damage based on the amount of remaining energy a player has, diminishing its effectiveness. Active Camo?s duration has been reduced and the ability to block sword attacks using any weapon other than another sword has been disabled. And for fans of precision firing, reticle ?bloom? is now configurable, delivering increased accuracy when firing in rapid succession.

This update will also enable ?Halo: Reach? players using an Xbox 360 4GB console without a HDD to utilize Campaign and Firefight matchmaking which previously required a HDD.

Myself and the Rest of HT are very pleased to hear what 343 has done to Reach with Halo 1A. It has finally given us a reason to get active again and to get back into halo. Now please enjoy the video below.

** Notable times:
3:30 - Shield POP is Back
4:10 - This minute of awesome with no bloom on the DMR (need new pants now enjoy)