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    Default Halo Anniversary - Coming back Home Next Week

    The long awaited remake of Halo 1 is coming out next week. The game that started it all Halo 1 is back with updated graphics and a campaign that has some bonus features (without taking away from the real feel of Halo 1). If your an 18 year old reading this post you were a massive 8 years old when Halo 1 came out. For those of you who never played Halo 1 you should go grab and Xbox 1 and Halo 1 and play it !! Do it now we will wait..... Halo CEA well be 343's hat tip to halo and will hopefully show that 343 is ready to take on the task of creating Halo 4.

    Now Halo CEA might not have the multiplayer experience that everyone was really hoping for (I know this is a huge downer) but at the same time I am very happy to see the effort put forth to bring Halo 1 back into the picture. The Halo 1 Campaign is arguably one of the best out there and I will be more than glad to play through that again with a friend over CO-OP on Xbox Live. (Assault on Control room should bring back many old memories).

    Anyway this short from 343 will show whats to come and for some of you older people could bring a tear or some goosebumps.

    ** Note Video is Hosted on - Which will be getting a official public appearance very soon.. Enjoy

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    are we merging halotech and halo clips?

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    No... HaloTech will always be a parant site... HaloClips is a sister site that will be power by HaloTech and Staff. Consider HaloClips and App of halotech

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    Ohh, I don't have control over Halo Clips

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    Quote Originally Posted by banksy View Post
    Ohh, I don't have control over Halo Clips
    Theres not control to have there. Its youtube. I control that cause its very complex int he back-end

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    Alright, sounds good. whens this application coming?

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    Haloclips itself is the application

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    you can view the website by going to

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    I meant when us it becoming a public application, you said its making a public appearance fairly soon.

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    we need a skin on it and color scheme and i need to fix the player as i just updated the site and it no work now :P

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