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    Default An Upsetting Defeat . .

    Battlefield 3 was not able to make its goal in beating Treyarchs record in number of copies sold in the first week, October 31.

    Many people believe this was due to the curse that haunted over Battlefield during the first week. They had numerous technical problems and that could do nothing but have hurt their chances in beating the long-standing Call of Duty: Black Ops record.

    Treyarch was able to gross an outstanding $650 million in the first five days. They also sold over 7 million copies in the first day crushing Battlefields standing at 5 million copies in the first week.

    A new hope would soon arrive though, Modern Warfare 3

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    Not a big deal its still the best game out right now untill Halo CEA... COD has been overrated as a good game for a long time. Its the same game same shit and its anything but realistic. You can see this when COD players go try to play BF3 they get shit out cause when they run around there head gets popped off by my sniper.

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    I know what you mean, Battleifled is much more realistic compared to the shitty hit sensors in Call of Duty.

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    Its not the hit sensors its how people play it.. spray bullets much?

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    drop shots -.-

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    I was telling Bigstack few weeks ago That Halo Players are "Usually" good at Battlefield Because Halo took Wits and Strategy,and BF has that Simular game play. CoD on the other hand just takes Perk line ups and bullet spraying,Their games always has the same Graphics and Little stuff added to the game and What they do add is stuff that Halo Devs already Thought of mabye If they were to add a Skill Rank System and a Different Game Engine to work on I would be more into of getting the game.

    BattleField Never fails so Amuse my interest, Big Maps, Vehicles, Weapons, Now Jets! 24 online and PC 40 I think.

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    I've never played a battlefield game, but I do LOVE good ol' fashioned Call of Duty.

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    I have BF3 for PC and Xbox i play it when im on the road

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    BF3 is a PS3 game.

    y'all herd?

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    If im not mistaken. I have Battelfield on my Xbox and PC. You wont find a sony or apple product in my house

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